DVD: Bukkake in School Uniform 2

A student is sitting at a park watching birds on the intro. On the first scene, she is on a neck brace and has a few casts on her arms and legs lying while a guy come up to her face and unload his cum. Next the model is in her physical education uniform tied up on an air mattress as a guy fondles her. He then used a vibrator on her and opened her mouth with a mouth opening device as a group of men cum into her widely open mouth. The next scene is rough, the model is abused in a classroom by another female. They had her lay on top of a desk as the other female grab her face, mouth, cheeks, and eyes. Then she puts a nose hook on her while her head is upside down. Then the model is fucked while a group of men cum on her face and in her nose. Next scene is a rough blowjob scene; the model is tied up as she is forced to give blowjobs roughly, sometimes even gagging on cocks. Then in the end she is forced to drink cum. On the next scene, while in her school girl uniform, she is fucked while a group of students take turn cumming on her uniform. On the final scene, the model's head is held in place while a group of men cum on her cute little face.

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